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Piano Keys


Lessons are currently in-person.

However, if you are ill with a fever or are contagious in anyway, please refrain from coming to lessons. 

Use of masks and hand sanitizers as required.

ALL surfaces are disinfected thoroughly between students.

When we were in lockdown, all lessons were moved to online lessons using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or other video chat platforms.

We are currently back to in-person lessons,  however, any student who wishes to continue with online lessons is welcome to continue to do so.  

(please note that in our studio, all pianos , hand rails, doorknobs, and bathroom facilities  etc. are thoroughly disinfected (before, after and in-between students) with hospital-grade wipes, sprays and cleaners. We also have hand sanitizers & masks in studio for students to use. Our pianos are 7 feet apart and the studio is over 26 feet long, so social distancing is easily accomplished when needed)

Any queries or questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Ms. Dee Hamel

(807) 323-1504

87 Memorial Avenue

Dryden, Ontario, Canada

P8N 2M1

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